a Rotterdam based but not location dependent practice of aesthetic design thinking and multidisciplinary research composing of: 1. freelance art direction, 2. photography, 3. consultancy, 4. curation, 5. witty (copy) writing, and 6. occasional stints of sound narrating, by Alexandre Furtado. My educational background is in international business administration and entrepreneurship. Not being defined by my studies and/or job titles and wanting to broaden my view of the world, I now work with many of them – it’s always a collaborative effort – in between photography, art, sustainable fashion, design thinking, urban development and social endeavouring. All this whilst having a seat at the table with the mayor as well as hanging with the kids on the corner, and trying to connect worlds who normally don’t meet, understand or communicate to each other. Communistic practices with capitalistic intentions. Sounds confusing? It is not. It’s a never ending research. Some call it being fluid or 21st-century-privileged-possible-realism.

Wu-Tang forever!


+31 6 48 44 59 02

Pretorialaan 141
3072 EL Rotterdam

European VAT nr: NL225017441B01

Dutch Chamber of Commerce nr: 67920918

selected visual work:

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current projects:
DAMAGE – managing director

VERS BETON – head of advertising

GEMAAL OP ZUID – curator

STUDIO NARRATIVE – consultancy, contributing to social inclusivity & creative production team

RUN AFRICA ETHIOPIA – photography & online for Q1-2018

TUMO STUDIOS ARMENIA – design education for Q4-2018

selected collaborators, people and organisations:

Mathijs Labadie,

Alei Verspoor,

Afrikaanderwijk Cooperatie,

IMC Weekendschool Rotterdam-Zuid,

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design magazine,

Jeanne van Heeswijk,

Christien Meindertsma,

Zomer van Antwerpen,

Metropolis Festival,

Erasmus University, School of History, Culture and Communication

Utrecht University, Urban Divercities

Academie Artemis,

Hogeschool Rotterdam, WdKA,

Sculpture International,

Ella Elisabeth,

Lorena van Bunningen,

Constança Saraiva / Conversas,


Het Nieuwe Instituut,


Jordy van den Nieuwendijk,

Minsun Kim,

Tanja Busking,

Paloma Bentzen,

Teodora Kotseva,

Marijke Appelman,


Art Rotterdam,


Charlois Speciaal,

Paviljoen aan ‘t Water,

Amy Suo Wu,

Quinda Verheul,

and more (to come)