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work won’t wait:

Job Opening per February 2023: Artistic Visual Research team member


freelance | 3-month contract initially | part-time: varying 4 up to 8 hours a week | renumeration is negotiable, and will mostly depend on years of equitable and industry comparable professional experience | main tasks will include creative tasks and visual researching in close collaboration with the Creative Director, working with clients and collaborators across selected projects within fashion, architecture, written media, business, culture, education, commerce, and all-round hustlin’ [mentality].

Main requirements: excellent creative thinking and doing

open application is available per direct please mail to tonia[at]furtadomelville[dot]com subject “FMRSDPT_2023_vacancy”

position FULFILED per 3 January 2023: looking for a personal assistant to aide the Creative Director

alexandre, 2015, portrait by M.Labadie

furtado melville is a non location dependent interdisciplinary practice and an independent writer, researcher, curator, image maker, artistry, and entrepreneur in Soft Politics, Urban Development, Economics, and Fashion. With occasional stints of working as a narrator for audio and film, and exquisite hand modelling. I go by the name of Alexandre, named after Alexander III of Macedon, also known as Alexander the Great. Named by my father Malaquias and mother Ricardina. My main educational background is in international business administration at RSM Erasmus University. Not being defined by my studies and/or job titles and wanting to broaden my view of the world, I now work with many of them – it’s always a collaborative effort – in between art, commerce, design thinking, film, urban development, social engagement, and people-&-planet-first entrepreneurship. All this whilst having a seat at the table with board of directors as well as engaging with real life on these streets, and trying to shift and fuse between rigid layers and connect different worlds and people by common sense. Capitalistic practices with socialistic intentions. Sounds confusing? It is not. It’s a never ending research. Some call it being fluid, or 21st-century-privileged-possible-realism.

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Cxurrent Main Assignments:

CONCRETE BLOSSOM | Partner & Chief Financial Officer

PACK | Art & Sales Director 


WRITING & RESEARCHING | on politics, economics, entrepreneurship, arts, and society-at-large

Selected current & previous collaborators, people and organisations:

Damage Playground – creative director & co-founder, 2009-2019

Harvard Design Press, Harvard GSD, magazine representation

Het Nieuwe Instituut, Damage Playground’s Customer Archive at Temporary Fashion Museum | a multitude of curatorial projects and lectures on the built environment, public space, architecture, and art

Utrecht University, Urban Divercities, interview

Erasmus University, School of History, Culture and Communication, guest lecture

IMC Weekendschool Rotterdam-Zuid, guest lecture

CBK Rotterdam, committee member arts grant for Rotterdam based artist’s Research & Development

Academie Artemis, guest lecture

Awards: one and counting…

2018, 1st public prize – Most Pointless Movie Award during Pointless International Film Festival for “Sonata for Kap and Salon No.22 in G Minor”

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